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The stop start nature of 2021 has made us look a little further ahead in terms of where to go and what type of trips we will probably take in 2022. Here are some of how we see things going next year.

Private villas and rentals

The rise in 3G and group holidays will undoubtedly see an escalation in villa rentals, especially those with four plus bedrooms and baths, private pools and personal chefs on hand. Not only does this provide space for all the family to holiday together, but it also keeps contact with other holidaymakers to a minimum with no need for shared pools and buffet breakfasts kept at bay. There are a wealth of destinations that offer luxurious private villas in gated communities as well as those isolated in insane locations all over the world, but particularly throughout Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and the USA. Think IbizaGreeceMallorcaThailandBarbados and Florida, to name just a few.

Group Travel

Yes, we often partake in group travel for hen or stag dos, business trips or the odd large landmarking celebration, but as a rule, travel in large numbers is not the usual choice for most holidaymakers – however, we predict that this is all set to change. The lack of social interaction under the UK lockdowns has left us yearning for more fraternising with friends, so why not bring them with us? Travelling is a great way to reconnect with loved ones and build bonds that will last a lifetime together. Whether we choose to travel with our closest acquaintances or extended family, many people will choose to bubble up with their nearest and dearest and get set for some new adventures together. 


It has been a tough 18 months in a lot of ways and many will begin to choose holidays that bring a sense of calm and rejuvenation to their souls. We all have our preferred ways to blow off some steam, for some that is a week of partying in Ibiza and for others it is a tranquil escape in peaceful Thailand. Whichever end of the scale you are yourself closest to, people will be putting a need of self-care ahead of everything else. There will be a huge rise in trips centred around relaxation with the majority making extra time for spa trips or opting for hotels that feature luxurious spa facilities on site and specialise in premium wellness. Some will also choose to go the whole hog and satisfy their wanderlust with trips abroad while visiting yoga and health retreats, where they are guaranteed to return feeling completely refreshed. 

Tick off some more of the bucket list destinations

Being deprived of travel has us dreaming of that next trip now more than ever. Not much travel has been possible, that in addition to lots of other restrictions that have greatly reduced our leisure expenses ( restaurants, pubs, theatres closed ) resulting in some people saving a lot more money than before. That trip to the Arctic, week long break in the Maldives or train trip across the Canadian Rockies is now suddenly very affordable.

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